"One of the best"
This is one of the best indians in the area. I've been 3 times recently and each time had a superb meal and found the service to be excellent. Can't fault it in any way. Very relaxing atmosphere, clean restaurant and good choice on menu. Staff are friendly and attentive and it's not too expensive. I'm definitely going back soon.
WhiteBuffalo2011 - Trip Advisor
"Good Indian and friendly service"
My son and I had a quick meal before jumping on the train. We explained the timescale to the waiter who made sure that the service was perfect and got away on time. The food was very good not amazing but certainly tasty. The waiter was chatty friendly but not intrusive.I have been to better overall Indian restaurants but a lot worse! Good food and good service well worth a visit.
65Bram - Trip Advisor
"Very,very tasty!"
With Indian food as with Chinese there is a surfeit of providers and, almost without exception, the quality is generally good and the food acceptably tasty. The Anuraag is a cut above the norm and, whilst not quite being truly exceptional, delivers a taste sensation. The food is finely detailed and bears attention. Service is brisk and unassuming although, as ever, lager prices were hideous. Nonetheless I would venture that the Anuraag is the best Indian restaurant in the area by a clear point.
marksw3960 - Trip Advisor
"Best Curry I've ever had!"
What a treat,I love the Anuraag.The food is yummy, the staff are welcoming,nobody rushes you, the decor is tasteful, clean toilets, every detail is just right. The only downside is the parking in Cockfosters but for this kind of food I would walk miles!
Bunty Johnson - urbanspoon
"The Best"
I love this restaurant. Still the best around. I've just recently tried a new Indian restaurant in Barnet which wasn't a patch on the Anuraag. We always get great service and the food is always consistently good. Can't fault it.
Robin Nevill - urbanspoon
"Still my favourite after all this time"
It feels like coming home. I am persuaded to try other Indian restaurants and from time to time I do, some closer to where I live, some cheaper, some new and some recommended but I always come back to the Anuraag.Why? Food predominantly, service definitely, cost doesn't factor. Its not local to me - i live 8-10 miles away but its half way between relatives but still inconvenient, yet I make the effort because of the quality and flavour.Thank you Anuraag - 30 years and still going strong. Your still my favourite Indian EVER!
Mellie Nevill - urbanspoon